Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that this information is up to date, hunting Regulations, Seasons and Quotas change frequently.
SA-HUNT.COM therefore recommends that you first contact the relevant government office and ask for any updates before embarking on a hunting trip.
SA-HUNT.COM cannot be held liable for any illegal act or omission on the part of any hunter.

Procedure for Tourist Hunting
Hunting season runs from 1st July to 31st March of each year.
Clients submit request for hunting permit through authorized Hunting Company.
Hunting permits are issued upon payment of relevant fees based on safari packages, which are in the range of ten (10), sixteen (16) and twenty one (21) days. Each package has a specific number of animal species to be hunted.
Hunting operations are led by Professional Hunters (employed by respective hunting companies) and supervised by Wildlife Officers.
All trophies hunted by the client are inspected and Ownership Certificates are issued to the clients through respective hunting companies.
Trophy export permits are issued to client upon payment of game fees and other basic fees.


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